The Beauty of a Leader

Now I know what you may be thinking. A business definition of the word ‘leader’. That person we see stood at the head of
the table at meetings with the stick thing pointing to some charts. You know the one?
(Side note: Why is it we associate certain words with certain concepts?)
A leader doesn’t just have to be in business. A leader is a role model, a visionary, someone people want to be around.
Never overlook the beauty of a leader. Ever.
A leader saves people. They lead them in the right direction. They change your perspective and make you want to follow them. They make you want to be them.
They hold your hand until you feel ready. They guide you.
Let me tell you about a leader I know. Let me tell you about where he came from to where he is now.

As a child he kept himself to himself. He didn’t like to be the centre of attention. He was that kid right in the back corner of class with his arms crossed and his eyes looking anywhere but the board. He was the kid who had the loudest mind but the quietest voice. He was the kid with a universe of vision he didn’t know about because he didn’t believe. He never had confidence. No one ever gave him the reason to have it. As he grew he followed others yet there was a barrier between him and the leaders around. He could never reach them. But boy was his potential huge. His mind was a field of ideas.
Did the people around him lift him up or put him down? (What do you think?)
Then one day someone gave him a voice. Someone pushed past the barrier and showed him who he could be. He slowly but surely raised his voice. Unclouded his vision. He became what he was always meant to be, a leader. He went on to help others who were exactly like him to see just who they could be. He helps people like you. Why? Because he knew something many don’t. Every one of us has a leader within them. We can all be that ray of hope in someone’s life. We can all be a hand to hold through a rocky journey, a shoulder to cry on when times get a little tough. We can all help people realise their potential. We can all be leaders.
At the end of the day “Great leaders don’t set out to be a leader…they set out to make a difference.”
You see now why I talked about what a leader can do for others? A leader does something amazing and then takes your hand and shows you how you can do that too.

The world is waiting for you to show it what you’ve got.

Start with an open mind and an open heart.

Go out there and become a leader.

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Just your average 18 year old girl trying to make a mark in this world!

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