Why I speak so highly of goals, dreams and the future.

My answer, it’s simple: I’m not going to let my mind be restricted by a lack of vision. As my mentor said “”MY” this is used as a personal pronoun, and the reason for this is because ever since I was born, I was given a lifestyle by society, the education system and to an extent technology which was stamped as “normal”. I was to eat, drink, sleep, socialise, have fun, work, and most importantly DREAM normal.” – wow right!
I won’t allow myself to live the life I have been given in a mediocre way. In a way I wouldn’t want to read about.
We live in an age where we read anything and everything on what the latest is with the Kardashians or our favourite singer. Why is that? They live a life more exciting than ours. Simple. Now is that how you want to live your life? Always reading about others to distract you or let you escape from yours? Is that actually living?

We have the power to live the lives we dream about. We just need to set a few goals and work for them. The people we read about had to work to get that amazing life. Don’t you think you deserve 5 years at least of your own time and effort? No? Well then you must think it’s fine to give 30+ years to someone else’s happiness at the expense of your own.
Now when it comes to the future it’s beautiful to open your mind and dream about the life you could be living in 20 years and all the things you’d do and achievements you’ve gained. But how about you stop thinking of the future as so far away. Think of the future of tomorrow. After all tomorrow is the future. Set yourself a goal you want to aim to do by tomorrow. Aim high. Set a goal that will fill you with pride when you achieve it. Set a goal that will be a building block to the next goal and then the one after that and so on.
Then one day you’ll take a step back and realise that you’re living the life you created for yourself. I’m not saying it’ll be your dream life because it does matter about how much effort you’ve put into achieving your goals but if you want it badly enough, you’ll be right where you’ve always wanted to be.
C.S Lewis once said “Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different.” You see, what this quote is telling me is that life goes on anyway and doesn’t wait for anyone. You can do the same thing everyday yet change will always catch up to you. It’s unavoidable. After reading this quote I thought back on how my life has changed and undoubtedly even though I didn’t do much, it’s completely different than it was 3 years ago. I then thought about where I am today and if it’s where I want to be. The answer was no. I am nowhere near where I want to be as although my life has changed I haven’t actively tried to make it the life I’ve dreamt about. I haven’t set goals or targets. I haven’t given myself my own time. No wonder.
Now you see how realising a few things about goal setting has made my life something I’d want to read about. As I continue to learn and grow I no longer feel the need to escape from the life I live. Sometimes it gets bad and when it does I simply set myself a new goal. What a new goal is, is a vision you see for yourself that you accept that you deserve to pursue.

“You must go to the miracles you seek.”

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Just your average 18 year old girl trying to make a mark in this world!

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