Entrepreneurship (2)

Building belief.

Belief in what you do gives you power. More power than others around you going after the same goal yet without the belief, just merely an interest. You see having an interest in something means you want to know or learn about something. Having a belief in something means having trust, faith and confidence in it. Do you see the difference?

Belief is a feeling that reaches deep within in your soul. It shows commitment and it is the only thing that’ll make you devoted to what you do. No one can come up to you and tell you negative comments about your chosen path or your business. Belief leaves no room for doubt. Belief allows you to build up the courage to start in the first place. Especially when it comes to creating your own business. You see usually people are full of ideas and they get everything they need to get done but they always pause before they begin. That’s the moment when you question your decision and only 100% belief clears up that question and allows you to move forward. Sometimes you come to a point in your life where you’re stuck and not quite sure which direction to move in and that is where belief comes in. Belief will wipe away your worries and help you choose the right path.

How do you build belief?

  1. You have to know everything. I’m not saying that you need to know the secret to time travel, I am saying that you need to be the best at what you do. You need to know every fact about what it is that you are going into. You need to try it out for yourself. Lets take opening your own clothes shop as an example. Here you need to be your own customer first. See what problems you come across, see what is good about your business and what is bad.
  2. Be critical. Make sure you analyse everything. If there is something you doubt, aim to get it cleared up straight away. Whether that may be by asking a professional in the field or doing research.
  3. Do not force belief. Never force yourself to believe in something when you are not 100% there. Give yourself time to research or move on. It is that simple. Belief cannot be forced. It is solely up to you and is your own feeling.

Well that is one type of belief. The second and arguably the most important type is self-belief.

This one I could go on about all day. To be an entrepreneur you have to believe in yourself. You cannot doubt yourself. You cannot see yourself as unworthy or not good enough. You have to realise your worth and work on bettering yourself daily so that your self-belief becomes sky high. The problem with self-belief is that it is often not your fault that you have doubts. Its not your fault that you may not see yourself as good enough to complete a task. It is because you’ve gone through life and had many knockbacks and those, even though it may not have seemed it at the time, have affected you deeply. They have knocked your self confidence so just when you thought you were 3 steps forward, it knocks you 2 steps back. Self-belief and self-confidence is something that plays with us all our entire lives and that is why you must build a belief in yourself and in what you can do so strong that there will come a time when nothing can touch it.

How to have self-belief.

  1. Firstly you have to take control over that negative inner voice. You have to take any negative trait you may think you have and turn it into positive. Everyone’s weakness is what I like to call an opportunity for strength. Are you a perfectionist, even during the worst of times? Has past experience made you see this as a bad thing? Look at it positively. You are going to set high standards for your business and you will know that everything is exactly how you envisioned because you checked it yourself. Your business will be of the highest quality because you yourself won’t settle for any less.
  2. You have to want it for yourself. You have to want to be super confident and you have to value yourself. Be your own motivation. Search positive motivational quotes and put them everywhere. Leave no room for negativity in your path. Research those who have gone through the same internal struggle as you and learn from them. When you want it bad enough for yourself then you will stop at nothing to get it. Your belief will increase because you’ve shown that desire and willingness to prove to everyone else and yourself that you are more.
  3. Check out my last post on vision. Why? Because when you envision the life you could live, you are going to want it even more for yourself. The more you want it, the harder you will try to get it. The harder you work, the stronger your belief will be and when you see results in your work then you will see how you didn’t even have the time to think about doubts or lack of confidence.

Belief doesn’t happen overnight. It is something you have to build upon constantly. Everything is changing and your business will change, your own thoughts, opinions and circumstance will change. This is why you have to focus on building and maintaining your belief every single day.

“Change is hard at the beginning, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.” – Robin Sharma.


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