We all have the same purpose in life…

Aristotle believed that as humans we all have the same final purpose. Achieving this will ultimately make us a good person. This theory can be argued away but setting aside the arguments and really understanding it you find something quite beautiful.
Now what’s is this final purpose?

‘Eudaimonia’. Also known as ‘human flourishing’.

How may we all achieve Eudaimonia?

Simple. Be the best at what you do.

You see Aristotle understood and took note of how everyone has different roles within society. Some people are chefs, others artists. We all may have the same purpose but Aristotle notes that it is achieved in different ways. 

Let’s begin by listing all the qualities you should have to be the best in your role. Carrying on with my entrepreneurship blogs let’s use being a Leader as an example. The qualities of a good leader can be argued back and forth. Everyone will have a different opinion. Here’s a few of mine;

– Caring

– Knowledgeable 

– Aware

– In touch with his/her emotions 

– Warm presence 

– Positive 

– Genuine 

– Helpful

Now as a leader, for you to reach Eudaimonia, be a good person and ultimately fulfil your purpose you simply need all of these qualities.

Now here is where my own take on Aristotles theory comes in.

I believe that though eudaimonia may be the final purpose, not achieving it is not the end of the world. Dedication to potentially achieving it matters just as much. Being on the journey to achieving it matters just as much. Accepting that in life there will always be a journey towards your destination or goal matters just as much. Essentially the journey is the most important part. It’s where you make mistakes. It’s where you fail and fail and fail your way up to success.

I believe that as humans we can all have a different final purpose. It may arguably come under eudaimonia however it can also be completely separate.

My final purpose and my main goal in life is to be happy. Using eudaimonia rather than taking it literally and saying be the happiest person ever, it could be using my happiness to benefit others, spreading the happiness, bouncing back after all my set backs. Understanding that feeling sad is a part of life. It’s a raw emotion. It shows we are only human at the end of the day.

However you see it and however you may want to understand and visualise Eudaimonia, the concept of human flourishing, being the best as what you do maybe even being the best version of yourself, as an ultimate purpose in life is a beautiful thought.

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