In a world populated with over 7 billion people why now do we feel most alone?

When there are people left right and centre why is there no support?

When there are so many things to be appreciative of why does one bad moment cloud our vision?

When there is loss, heartbreak and war why do we choose now to go against more people?

In a time where we need each other the most why do we feel so distant?

This week I found myself waking up on Monday morning with an unfamiliar energy. Then on Tuesday I awoke with the same and on Wednesday and once again this morning on Thursday. It not only increased my positivity and my energy but I became either more aware than I have ever been.

Now I am very observant. I seem to pick up on things others don’t. I pick up on the behaviour of people, their attitude but also the beauty of the world.

I noticed how the people around me weren’t happy. It’s as though the entire time id imagined it. I’d imagined their happiness. I imagined that everyone around me was happier than I was. Life was unfair but suddenly I was aware that I’d imagined it all. My life looked so dull that I automatically thought everyone else’s was better and so life to me was unfair.

Not this week though. This week I realised that you seek love in everyone but yourself. You seek happiness in everyone but yourself.

It wasn’t that my life was worse than others, it was that my negativity and the hurt I felt clouded that. I felt alone. I made myself feel alone. I never was. In fact the people around me were also going through things. Of course some chose to hide their real situation but when I opened my eyes I realised that I wasn’t alone.

The thought saddened me but it also comforted me. We as humans make it worse. When we feel upset and we feel alone we push people away and put ourselves down even more.

Why do we do that?

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Just your average 18 year old girl trying to make a mark in this world!

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