You may not think you need to hear this, but you do.

Stop waiting for ‘the right moment’ because I promise you it’ll never come. Why? Because it is now. It is the present. Too many people look to the future or stay stuck in the past. Why are you worrying about what you can’t control? Why are you letting it attack you? Why are you letting it make you question yourself? You can’t change the past. You can’t predict the future. You can control the present. You can control where you are now, who you are with, how you feel and what you will change. Stop wishing for a better day, a better time, a better moment. It is now and you need to wake up and see that. You could be at your lowest point but the time to do anything is still now. I need you to get up and get out. I need you to realise that today isn’t going to come again. These 24 hours aren’t going to come again. These are the hours that are yours, that you can use to develop and to do what you want and if you aren’t going to start now, if you’re going to push it back a day and then another day and a day after that then you will never start. Your life won’t change. It won’t improve because you’re not trying to make it better. You’re not taking action and you need to. Life is precious and it is our duty to live it to the fullest. Stop waiting for a moment that has already come.

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Just your average 18 year old girl trying to make a mark in this world!

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