Don’t worry about what is not in your control – this thought and these actions changed my life and maybe even saved it!

I know so many people who think that the problems they’re having now and the situation they’re in now are the worst they could ever be in. They believe that nothing could be worse and that there is no way they’ll get out of it. They’re worrying over small things. Well I say small but to them they’re the worst they’ve experienced. I feel it’s important to understand that. Understand that no two people see the a situation the same. It hurts me to see them hurting themselves over these things.

I find that when I give advice and when I think about what helped me get out of these situations, because it’s true that at one point I was in that very position stressing myself over things that now I see weren’t worth stressing over, there is one thing I told myself over and over and I tell these people over and over and that is – don’t worry about what you can’t control. Life isn’t fair and it’s not meant to be. There will be a lot of downs in life that really can’t be avoided and they’re not in your control. If you find yourself stressing or crying over these situations you need to realise that you can’t control it. You couldn’t have prevented and you can’t do anything about it. The best thing to do is to let go. Let go of the hurt, the anger and the sadness and move on. ‘It seems impossible’ – I know. ‘I’ve heard that before’ – I know. 

The thing is if you don’t allow yourself to get help then nothing will change. The reason that something so small can seem so big in your head is because your brain isn’t used to coming across something it can’t control. Now this situation is in front of you and the brain is panicking and making it seem worse than it is. It’s immediately focused on the extreme negatives of the situation. Realise this. Understand this. Let go. Let go because in a months time you won’t even remember this situation. It won’t have an impact in your life in a weeks time. A day from now you’ll wonder why you ever wondered. 

These moments are a part of life. No one can fully explain why they happen but remember that everyone has these moments. It’s ok. You’re definitely not alone but you can definitely get through it alone. 

Take a moment to look at the situation from a birds eye view. Ask yourself ‘Is this in my control?’ If the answer is yes them simply search for the best solution. If the answer is no then don’t worry and move on.

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9 thoughts on “Don’t worry about what is not in your control – this thought and these actions changed my life and maybe even saved it!

    1. Too many people are hurting because they’re focus isn’t on what they can do, it’s on what they can’t do. Our energy should be put into what we can control it’ll be worth our time and effort and cause our happiness and success!

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      1. Is your first name Alisa? Just wanted to make sure when I look for you. Or give me a hint to know it is you. I don’t allow anyone to join the group because I want to keep it uplifting. Thank you!

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