The end of a chapter is the beginning of a new journey.

No one likes to say goodbye. No one likes to feel like things will be completely different. It’s hard letting go of people. You see couples and families broken about by goodbyes. Go stand in an airport and watch the word bye be repeated over and over. Sometimes it’s a happy one, sometimes it’s a heartbreaking one.Not all goodbyes have to be a bad thing though. A goodbye could just be a see you later. Goodbyes don’t mean you have to let go. Goodbyes don’t have to be final.

I’m coming to a point where I have to say goodbye to a place I’ve spent more time in than my own home. I know that the memories made will stay forever. The people I know will go on to do great things and I have accepted that I probably won’t stay in contact with as many as I would like to but that is ok. It’s ok because in life you do come across temporary people. Good people and bad. These people are in your life for a short period of time to teach you new things about the world and about yourself. They are there to experience things with, to make mistakes with and to eventually let go. These people come into your life for a reason and leave for a reason.

I’ve been blessed to know some amazing people with beautiful souls. I’m blessed to have experienced such a significant and life changing chapter in my life. However that is all it is. It’s just a chapter. It’s not the end of my book. It’s not the beginning of my book. I may have barely got to the middle of it. 

You see what I am trying to say is embrace the goodbyes in your life. Even the hard ones. There may be goodbyes that cause you physical pain but that pain will pass and brighter things will come out of it. Remember than every goodbye makes room for a new hello. So say hello often but never forget to say goodbye. 

Saying goodbye is a pause in your journey. It’s the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new journey.

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