We Found Our Dream Home.

Now let me tell you I have always pictured my dream home to be in an exotic country, by the beach possibly or hidden away in the mountains. I pictured cabin style houses, or a house with a porch and swing. I thought I’d fall in love with a New York townhouse or a country style cottage. Little did I know that I have walked past my dream home too many times to count and I didn’t even realise it. Little did I know that my dream house was literally under my nose this entire time.

It is perfect. I have never called anything in my life perfect but I am telling you this house is the definition of perfect.
Its like a hidden jewel. You honestly don’t realise its beauty until, well, until you see the other side of it.

From the outside it looks like a normal home but in reality its a beautiful dream come true. I’ve never seen a house that has truly made me speechless before, a place I can picture myself living in, raising a family in etc. It has that traditional rustic design that I have always been obsessed with, it has a beautiful garden and trees that surround it. The rooms in the house are beautiful, each has its own character, personality and flair.

3 floors, 5 bathrooms, 6 bedrooms, a long balcony and lobby! The house has an actual lobby!

It is big, so big that we wouldn’t know what to do with half the rooms but that doesn’t seem to matter. The area it is located in is like home to me, I know it like the back of my hand. It is so close to places I have made the most beautiful memories in. Everything about this house ticks all my boxes. I can imagine on a rainy day sitting by the window overlooking the garden with a cup of tea and a nice book. I can imagine us sitting out in the garden having a picnic in the sun watching my future kids run around playing. I can imagine us hosting big family meals and celebrating successes in this home. It’ll become more than a home but an escape from the world, a place to dream, hope and laugh. A place to make our own. I keep imagining such vivid and clear dreams it creates a burning desire and a need to make my dream house our permanent home.

It is worth the long hours and extra shifts, it is worth the day and night grind. It feels like its meant to be but that doesn’t mean it can be left to fate. We have to work for it. It has inspired something in me, something that is telling me to work harder, do more, think bigger and grind until its mine. It is so close yet so far it actually pains me. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted something so bad in my life. I always settle, too scared to have high expectations or big dreams in case I never reach them. This house though, this house is worth it. The thought of someone else buying it, living out my dream for who knows how many years to come makes me envious and sad. More than sad, I genuinely believe this is it so the thought breaks my heart. It scares me that I’ve found myself so attached to a house I may only ever get to see from the outside. Part of me wishes I never found it, the other part of me is dying to get it.

It is our little secret for now, it feels to precious to share.

We really did find it, our dream home.
Now can someone tell me how a 19 year old on minimum wage could afford a £2.2 million home?


Still in shock, but happy blogging x

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Just your average 18 year old girl trying to make a mark in this world!

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