How blogging has changed journalism – University Series 1

Blogging in my opinion is an individual’s own newspaper or outlet. When it comes to your own blog you can essentially write what you want without having to get it approved by anyone before being published. It is your own thoughts and opinions on any given matter in the style that you choose to write it in. I particularly like how much control you have over your blog and how it can reflect you as an individual.

This being said blogs are becoming increasingly popular nowadays and you can find blogs ranging from fashion blogs to food blogs and news blogs to review blogs. For example, is a fashion blog started by a woman initially just due to being a module requirement and now it has become her career. Another example linked to news journalism is aleeshawrites. This blog I came across on twitter from a user who voices her opinion loudly and clearly on politics and uses her blog to write her opinions freely and openly.

I see blogging as a liberation rather than destruction of the old ways of doing things as it is completely free for people to have an outlet and express themselves on it. That is one of the reasons I chose to even start my own blog. To have to chance to be myself, express my thoughts and to be my own critic and not be held down by a set of rules or regulations.

In terms of linking it to journalism I think it has widened what journalism can include and be about. At one time it would have been considered purely news, politics and what is going on in the world, now it can be about whatever you want it to be. Whatever you think is news worthy or should be written about.

Blogging is a reflection of the 21st century and how things are evolving and changing, that being said I don’t think it lessens the need for traditional outlets such as magazines or newspapers rather it adds another option of expression. At the end of the day magazines have their own powers and offer things blogging cannot. For example, when a news story breaks, newspaper journalists or the press are usually the first to get all the insider information. They often get information that bloggers cannot get. This is due to many reasons however a big reason is popularity/followers. Blogging requires you to build an audience and does take a lot of time to find loyal readers. If you do not have a substantial following you won’t be able to get insider information by knocking on a door and announcing your little blog name.

Often news-worthy stories are saved for “proper” journalists, those who work for a big name or have an actual job in the field. To me this shows that bloggers and blogs have a long way to go until they are taken seriously and can be on a similar level to magazines and newspapers. Even though they offer an “instant communication” there is a lot they have to do to be read by the majority.

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