What I think is not blogged about enough – university series 2

Among the many topics that I don’t think are blogged about enough, I think life skills are what should be written about and I believe it would be really beneficial to have more blogging platforms out there with posts about what we don’t learn in school. As someone who barely understood what a mortgage was, I would have loved to read something that is aimed at teenagers/young adults on how to navigate the world after education. Even simple things like what you have to make sure you get sorted before starting university would have taken away a lot of confusion.

I do realise there are many platforms now that discuss these things however, I don’t think they aim it at the right audience. I don’t even think they are written by the right author. We need posts by young people to teach other young people what they have learnt. We need to understand the world of work, apprentices, work experience, volunteering, careers, buying houses, selling etc. There are so many unanswered questions that even our parents don’t seem to discuss with us at our ages.

Blogging would be the perfect platform to write about these topics on as the target audience are usually the main audience to use blogs and read blogs.

Here’s an example of the type of posts I would expect (however it is far from perfect and doesn’t teach you a lot of the things that you should know as I myself am part of the target audience that needs to read these blogs);

What they don’t teach you about money, loans and debt.

Something I found out recently is that a mortgage is basically a loan. I thought it was a payment you had to make when living in a house, I didn’t realise it was the loan people took out before having to pay for the actual house.

Whilst we are on the topic of this… LOANS! They may temporarily solve your problems but they should never be your first or only option. Unless you are 100% confident in knowing you can may a repayment within the time you are given then think twice, three times even.

What to think about before taking a loan out/ what you should know before…

Here’s what you should know before buying your first house…

How to save up and budget…


Questions like these are what we need answers to as we leave education and prepare for the world beyond. Blogs like this would help many people like myself to prepare and understand what we need to look out for and consider.

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