Getting people to notice your blog – university series 4

Getting people to notice your blog is something I have looked into countless amount of times in the past few years. I have also tried many of the suggestions before coming to my own conclusions. My main one is that when you think about this topic think about what kind of blog you want to have. For example, my blog started off as just a place where I can rant a bit, share my thoughts on any subject matter and just express myself through writing. I didn’t have dreams of becoming a well-known blogger or making money from blogging and so I didn’t try that hard to get it noticed. As time went on, I did look into making it a career however I convinced myself out of doing that due to my own personal reasons. Taking all of this into consideration I realised that I didn’t need to try hard to publicise my blog. I am happy with a handful of readers or even one. As long as I get to share my thoughts and feelings on a public platform that people could potentially read and enjoy, then that is enough for me. However, I did try a few things and mostly used Twitter to publicise my posts. There are many hashtags you can add into your tweets that other bloggers check daily and it is a great way to build an audience. Also tagging blogging accounts into your tweets allows your tweets to be retweeted by accounts with very large followings. On Instagram I have noticed that the best way to get your blog seen is to create a whole account based around it. Post aesthetically pleasing pictures regularly, make sure it’s all your own photography, add in your blog site to your bio and constantly refer followers back to it and update your stories as you update your blog posts. On the topic of hashtags make sure you use them to your advantage and add as many as you can that relate to who you are, what your blog is about and what the post is about. These ways of getting people to notice your blog are very time consuming so that is why I would have a long think about where you want to go with your blog long term as well as short term. Don’t forget the power of word of mouth and getting your nearest and dearest to promote your posts as much as they can. Not only will it attract more readers but it also gives you a boost of confidence knowing that they love your writing and support you. And if you’re that desperate nothing works quite like following people around on the street with a leaflet and annoying catchphrase!

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Just your average 18 year old girl trying to make a mark in this world!

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