The digital world and unbiased/accurate news – university series 5

So, when I was first given this statement to respond to I had no clue what to put. None at all. I am usually like this when I haven’t given a particular question or topic a thought before or when I don’t have an immediate opinion on it. So, I gave it a lot of thought, almost a whole week of thought to be exact and came up with a sort of explanation that summarises the confusion of thoughts in my brain. The digital world presents the challenge of gathering millions of opinions and distributing them across various platforms until the truth is obscured by different accounts. So many people have opinions and versions of the truth that we can’t even find the first report of an event and we can’t even see which is the complete truth. This being said there are sites out there that allow us to fact check and see if what we are reading is the truth or not. So, if we are in desperate need of finding out the absolute truth then these definitely come in handy. If you are like me however that situation rarely comes along and instead you read through the news and form your own opinions on it all and move on. I am now realising that this pretty much brings us in a full circle. We are the ones forming the opinions and it is those of us who dare to speak out about what we think that morph the truth into something less solid. This is all challenging because what once was seen as our source of news has become a folder of information from everywhere and anywhere. How do we know if something is fact or opinion anymore? How can we tell what is accurate and what is made up? Is anything accurate anymore or have governments twisted even the first reports of news into what they want us to read and believe. So, you see now why all this was hard for me to summarise? The truth is it is all pretty much unavoidable. Even if we crack down and find the first report of something and fact check it until there is nothing left to unpick, who’s to say that first version isn’t biased and filled with lies?

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