Traditional news outlets vs Social Media outlets for news – University Series 6

Today’s date is the 6th of March 2019 and the difference between news broadcasted on traditional news outlets and social media outlets is quite large. As I scrolled through the paper review, I found that articles such as the Metro were taking a more satirical approach and had a picture of Meghan and Kate on the front with the caption “So great to bump into you”. Though this is a clever play on words it is also referring back to the constant spotlight on Meghan and her baby bump. Other news outlets covered the IRA terror attacks and had direct titles addressing the three jiffy bags left with their signature on it. Whereas the Times had the title “Pupils given lessons in how to treat stab wounds” in large bold font however a picture of Kylie Jenner next to it. What I noticed about these traditional news outlets and their front pages were that they either spoke about common “old” news or terror threats. Their articles were purely factually based and consisted of bring people up to date on the bad more than the good. Nothing about the way it has been presented looked appealing to me as a young adult who does have a fair bit of interest in the goings on around the world.

Twitter, on the other hand, was a lot more entertainment based. For example, at the top of the explore page was the news that the Maleficent sequel poster was released. The top trend was R. Kelly and other news ranged from passengers on flight from Barbados having to be medically examined after sickness outbreak onboard to a lady to wore two different shoes to work. I noticed that there was a lot more light-hearted content but also news stories that you wouldn’t expect to find in a news paper and if it were in one it wouldn’t be bold and easy to spot. This doesn’t make them any less important, in fact, these articles interested me a lot more than the ones on the paper review. I found myself reading into the ones on Twitter and dismissing the ones I found on the BBC. Though there were more fun articles I read serious ones too and I was able to see a range of opinions towards them. Unlike reading the news from a newspaper, where you can’t see other people’s opinions on the topics unless you ask around.

I think it is clear to see where I lie in the debate between traditional news outlets and social media outlets for news.

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