Hey there and welcome to Alisa Lifestyle! This blog is me in a nutshell. I am a 19 year old girl from the U.K. just trying to share what is inside my mind. For me, writing and blogging is the best platform to do so!

This is where my voice will be heard.
I am someone who is aware of everything life throws at you and I just want to write about it. I want to use this space as a free space I can rant or give advice from personal experience. I would love it if in the process of helping myself, I helped another individual along this journey we call life.

I want to raise awareness for Mental Health and shed light on it as much as possible. I want to inspire, motivate and connect with people. I want people to read my blog and think of me as a friend.

I am also very interested in the world of business and leadership. I like to focus on the mental/thought side of it all rather than the physical aspects.


I self-published a self-help book at the age of 18 called ’25 Realisations’. It is a collection of 25 ‘life lessons’ I have learnt over the years and advice that has helped me bounce back after every fall.

“We always try so hard to please others. We seek acceptance and approval to feel better about ourselves. I’m not saying this is wrong, we need more selfless and generous people in the world but what we don’t do that should come before seeking approval from others is seek approval from ourselves. Accept ourselves. We are so much more than we may think. From outer space we may look like nothing but specks of dust in a universe so vast but within us is a light brighter than any sun in the sky, stars that could fill the universe and more. Within us is our own universe. No one else has the same universe as you so why do we hide it? Why do we push it away with doubt? Why don’t you let people see the beauty from within? Why don’t you see the beauty inside you?”



Leave comments, ask questions, share experiences. Use words to express what actions can’t.

Give me a chance you might like what I have to say…